Top 10 Self Love in Lockdown Tips

Well, here we are, stuck at home in the closest proximity possible to loved ones, housemates, pets and houseplants with a meagre at best suggestion of an end date, and have been told to keep calm and carry on as if we can all adjust to life in lockdown as if it were as easy as riding a bike. Unfortunately, riding a bike isn’t actually that easy, especially when you’re worried about rusting parts due to years of underfunding and lack of PPE (helmets, but we all know what I’m actually referring to). So, in this time of worry, it’s important to show yourself and others a bit of love and here are ten top tips to do just that!

1. Happy hour

This local is a lot more local than your local local! Happy Hour is in the kitchen between 5 and 7 (am or pm, we’re not here to judge) with your mates over house party or whatever app you’re using these days. Prep your pub by spilling beer on the floor to create that sticky vibe and scawling ‘insert name here* is a prick’ on the wall of your toilet.

2. "self love"

AKA Masturbate. Good for the endorphins!

3. Netflix and Chill

Either solo or with your significant other - can be taken literally or metaphorically, if you catch my drift…

4. repot those houseplants!

Now is the perfect opportunity to actually figure out why the seven houseplants you insisted on buying are always on the brink of death. By the end of the lockdown, they should be thriving, you really don’t have an excuse. Here are some top tips from The Copper Cacti, our terrarium expert!

5. Exercise

 While everyone and their grandmother is Joe Wicksing in the morning, use this as an opportunity to discover other personal trainers offering online sessions. From pilates, to yoga, to HIIT workouts, to seated dance sessions for those with restricted mobility, there’s really nothing stopping you from being at least mildly active once a day! Also good for the endorphins!

6. Retail Therapy

Join the Virtual Makers Market which runs special market days for small businesses so you can feel smug about supporting the economy without even leaving your home. The first Market kicks off on Sunday 26th April - you can find details here! 

7. Meditate

This is not really my area, but i recognise the importance of taking a long deep breath when your parent/sibling/housemate/pet does that thing you asked them 1,000 times not to do AGAIN!!! but check out Wild Unicorns Club for crystals and tips, and a special instruction video landing here next week!

8. Learn a new skill

For example: Learn to write fancy with Leigh Calligraphy who are offering an online workshop with gorgeous calligraphy resource kit send straight to your door, as well as free tutorials for kids!

9. Date night

With yourself, your significant other, your fam, your friends, your pet! Cook yourself something fancy or order in, put on your nicest outfit, light a candle, crack open a bottle of wine and check in with yourself or your loved ones. We really are all cheap dates these days.

10. Look after yourself!

In all seriousness, with all the shit that's going on, things can get a bit much at the moment. Take time to look after yourself, and don't be afraid to ask for help! Chat with loved ones and, if you find yourself needing more help, check out what is available here.

With love,

The Bearded Gypsy Team x

Join our 

virtual makers market!

Like many other market organisers, small businesses, and creators we have very sadly had all upcoming events cancelled due to the ongoing situation. Since then, we've been trying to think of something a bit different, something highly curated that gives that personal touch we really value in all of our Markets - how can we showcase the stories behind our makers and their products and continue encouraging the public to shop small?

In response to that desire to connect, we have created 'Virtual Makers Market' Facebook group with our Trade Fayre community and brand values at the very heart of it. It's a buy/sell group for small businesses and we will run market days on there

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