The Bearded Gypsy Trade Fayre

The Bearded Gypsy’s Trade Fayre brings artists, designers and emerging brands together through a variety of events. We bring together the very best, the creme de la creme of traders for your shopping pleasure! Together with conscious consumers you will discover and support all things small, handmade, and boost the creative community, rather than boosting a big brands ego. The Trade Fayre offers a happy environment filled with great music, great products, and good times!

In a world of bland mass production and big brands, to own something unique is uplifting.  Let The Bearded Gypsy take you on a full sensory experience in to the world of art.

Upcoming Events

Look at the calendar below to see where we're going to be next!

"Being part of The Bearded Gypsy’s Trade Fayre has been amazing for our business, we have had so many new customers and the atmosphere is really something! So grateful to be part of something much needed in Chelmsford!"

- Chloe, Petes Beard Oil

"I literally loved this!! Being part of local traders was amazing and it's great to be in this lovely community. The support was overwhelming and I think we should be supporting small, local businesses. It was such an amazing day and I am excited for the next one!"

- Elly Prizeman

"Honestly couldn't recommend this event enough, I had done a few small events before this and didn't even make enough that covered my pitch but for The Bearded Gypsy’s Trade Fayre it's a completely different story, I made my money back plus a happy amount more!!"

- Mollie Makes Things

Changing one city at a time

The Trade Fayre is just one of the inspiring events that happens in Chelmsford- the city of Essex. Would you like your event on our interactive calender? Get in touch. 

Take Part in the trade fayre

We could tell you some really complex reason that would give your brain a workout, but it’s simple, we want to give people a chance to turn their dreams into reality, after all dreams are just ideas!

The Bearded Gypsy provides pop up spaces and support platforms for small businesses and upcoming brands, we keep independent makers at the heart of everything we do. We’re calling out to the dreamers, hustlers, risk takers and doers!

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